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Explore the world one city at a time through our handy food and travel guides that feature carefully crafted itineraries and restaurant suggestions. 


Hong Kong

Nicknamed "Asia's World City", it is the perfect place  where East meets West both in terms of food and culture. Explore this concrete jungle like a local through these well planned out guides. 


The largest city in Canada and one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. With districts dedicated to various countries, there are always new cuisines to try.

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Japan is rich in both culture and cuisine. These guides will take care of your food and photography appetites while taking you around different parts of Japan.



The infinity pool, DNA bridge, spicy chili crab - these are only some of the things Singapore is known for. Discover Singapore for yourself through these handy guides! 


Discover this communist country that still preserves much of its ancient tradition in both its architecture and cuisine. 

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South Korea

The home of the hallyu wave! Discover the rich culture and lifestyle that exists beyond Korean pop music and dramas through our guides and recommendations.