Omakases' exist in Toronto! If you're willing to pay the price that is..

Yasu is one of the top places to go for omakase sets in the city. Omakase is basically chef's selection so there's no one set menu - the chef changes the menu according to what's fresh/in season and Yasu features an 18 course set dinner- yes you will be full on 18 pieces of sushi.

It'll be hard to talk about all 18 courses so I'll just highlight some of the ones that really stood out to me (make sure to go through all the pictures though! You can pretend you're eating through the dishes :P) 

Even from the first 2 courses, we knew were in for a treat. I don't particularly like crab or scallops but you can taste how fresh the seafood was, which got us even more excited for the rest of the meal.

The tuna with the green onions was different from the typical way of eating tuna. The meat was kind of ground up and went really well with the green onions. The stripe jack was a fish not common outside of Japan and the meat was surprisingly more firm than I expected, delicious nevertheless! 

The bluefin tun- my most absolute favourite cut is the o-toro. We started off with the shoulder cut first and even that melted in our mouths! When we got to the o-toro, I can't describe it other than it was like heaven in our mouths. 

We were able to try two different types of uni- one from Boston and one from Vancouver. I personally liked the one from Boston more, it had a sweeter and lighter taste.

Most eels that we typically eat are freshwater eels (called unagi in Japanese) but the one we were served was a sea eel (called anago in Japanese). I liked how they didn't go crazy on the sauce (like they usually do on unagis') but it was just enough sauce that you can still taste the freshness of the anago. Sadly, I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take a picture of this. You'll just have to go and try it for yourself!

On top of the 18 courses, we ordered an extra piece of sushi that was highly recommended by our server- a snapper from Japan. We were told it was a very expensive fish in Japan and it was definitely sweeter the fishes we were used to! 

The course finished with house made black sesame ice cream- creamy and smooth and I loved the sesame seeds on top! 

Sadly, we were unable to get a spot at the sushi bar even though I called a week early to reserve a spot. It would've been nice to interact with our chef although our server did an amazing job explaining each course to us! 

81 Harbord Street