Yakiniku Great

In our previous food adventures, we challenged ourselves with a full chicken meal. This time, onto the cow but we get to grill it ourselves this time! (with specific instructions from the waiters of course). We went to Yakiniku Great which serves some rare cuts of authentic Japanese wagyu beef. 

Our meal started with a complimentary appetizer- a beef sashimi sushi with wasabi and soy sauce already on top. Personally, I thought it was a little too much rice but it was savoury and light enough to start off the meal. I also ordered a spinach namuru as an appetizer- a spinach salad with sesame oil and sesame seeds. 

Next we had the yaki sashi- grilled 5 seconds on one side. 

This is the beef tongue (thick cut) grilled 8 seconds on each side. Since it's thicker, it's a lot chewier. 

This is the shakushi grilled 5 seconds on one side and probably my second favourite cut of beef that night! It legit melts in your mouth (just remember not to think about your 'diet')!

Next is the touragashi cut, grilled 3 seconds on each side and eaten with wasabi on top. 

This is the maru shin- 25 seconds on each side and also eaten with wasabi.

Next is dai sankaku, it comes already marinated in sauce so no extra sauce is really needed. This is grilled for 3 seconds on each side.

And saving the best for last.. kimura yaki. This is the chef's special (and also costed a little bit more) but totally worth it! Grilled for 3 seconds (the timing was so crucial that the waiter suggested he do it) and then into the egg where the yolk wraps nicely around the beef! 

As you might have noticed, I didn't really comment much on each dish because it's probably a lot more effective for you to try it for yourself! Words would not be able to convey how good this meal was.

Yakiniku Great
255 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan