Wooffles & Cream

I know I tried a similar place in Hong Kong but I was craving for egg waffles and ice cream again. Luckily in Toronto, a new place called Wooffles & Cream popped up over the summer! It's been gaining quite a bit of popularity on Instagram so I decided to go check it out with a friend.

Tucked away in the corner of a food court in a local Chinese strip mall in Markham, a steady stream of customers wait patiently for their dessert. The menu is pretty extensive for the size and it does feature interesting flavours like the limited time only "bacon n cheese wooffle" and "kumquat lemon soda".

I ordered the black and white sesame wooffle with an ice cream twist (matcha + vanilla). It was alright, the sesame seeds went pretty well with the egg wooffles. Personally I like my woofles crispier on the outside and soft on the inside but I thought the wooffles lacked a bit of complexity on that part. The matcha flavour wasn't that strong either on the soft serve (but do mind that I'm comparing with what I've eaten in Hong Kong so I'm a little picky with what I eat now).

For those of you with an adventurous palette, you can try the "lap cheong n seaweed" (Chinese sausage and seaweed) wooffle. It sounds like a weird combination when you first hear it but it's one of their specialties so it might be worth a try. It has a mix of both salty and sweet flavours which has an interesting taste to it. I personally thought it was just okay but my friend really liked it, although we both agreed it would've been better if it was crispier on the outside.

For Markham/Toronto standards though, this is a pretty good place for wooffles. I would recommend it if you live in the area and are craving for specialty egg waffles. Be prepared to wait around 15-20mins however, or even 30-45mins during their busy hours.

Wooffles & Cream 8360 Kennedy Road (Peach Tree Center at Hwy 7 & Kennedy Road) Markham (Toronto)