Via Tokyo

I've heard lots about matcha soft serve and lots about Via Tokyo. Many bloggers have been raving on about it being one of the best matcha soft serve places in the city so we made a trip here after lunch one day since it was in the area.

We ordered the matcha affogato and shiratama matcha soft serve. I was a little surprised that our orders came on one plate since we never mentioned that we were sharing (although we were). First the matcha affogato: We hesitated on ordering this since we were a little worried that it might be a little too much matcha but we hoped that since it was a "favourite" on the menu, we would be pleasantly surprised. Sadly, our worries did come true as it was an overwhelming taste of matcha. I was hoping that they would add a little different taste to it to even out the matcha flavour but it was basically just matcha sauce on matcha soft serve.

Next, the shiratama matcha soft serve: It was alright, nothing too surprising. Your regular matcha soft serve with shiratama (which is like sweet rice balls).

For this kind of price, I was definitely expecting a lot more. Citysuper! offers matcha soft serve cones for $20HKD and it is a much better deal for more or less the same matcha flavour. In my opinion it's not really worth the price or trip here as there are many other options in the city, however details are below if you want to try it for yourself.

Via Tokyo
1A-1B, G/F Leishun Court, 106-126
Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

(nearest MTR: Causeway Bay)