Top Coffee Shops in Waterloo

Whether you're a student looking for a quiet study spot off campus or just a regular person needing to catch up on some work, here are my top 5 coffee shops in Waterloo:

1. Settlement Co.

I wrote a post on Settlement Co. not too long ago so there's not much to reiterate. The relatively new store is full of energy so pop in some headphones or let the neighbourhood conversations be the background buzz while you work. There aren't too many tables (if the back room is booked for a function) but if you can secure a spot, you won't notice the hours passing by!

2. Honey Bake Shop

You're probably familiar with Honey Bake because of Instagram and it's also been around for a while now. Their cupcakes and macaroons are crowd favourites and their spacious tables make for a good study spot. The tea + cupcake combo is only $4.50 which is enough motivation to study away! 

3. Balzac's at the Tannery

Balzac's is a little farther away which can be a plus if you're looking to get away from the majority of the student body. They offer seasonal drinks, good quality coffee and spacious tables if you need to hit the books hard. 

4. Sabletine

Sabletine is a quiet pastry and coffee shop near Uptown Waterloo, perfect for those craving something sweet to go with their studying! Make sure to check their hours before coming as their hours are a little more irregular! 

5. Death Valley's Little Brother

Death Valley's Little Brother is the more "hipster" coffee shop around town but they're serious about their coffee. Keep in mind, however, that there are no outlets so make sure to charge your laptop full before you come!