Top Five Things to do in Jeonju

We visited Jeonju (a city that is 2 hours south of Seoul by train) for a day during our Chuseok holiday and although the weather was not great (it was rather rainy and cold for the most part), we still go to explore some of the iconic parts of Jeonju! 

1. Jeonju Hanok Village
The Jeonju Hanok village is a must visit when you go to Jeonju. Although most houses have been converted into shops and restaurants, it still retains its traditional charms- the uniquely tiled roof and the special "ondol" floor heating system. You can try this experience at the Hanok Life Experience Hall for a night where traditional food is also provided.  Other attractions inside the village include the traditional wine museum and the crafts exhibition hall. 

At night, it becomes even more lively with busking performances and endless street food vendors. 

hanok village 3.jpg

2. Omokdae
Omokdae is located on top of a steep hill and on a clear day, I would imagine the lookout to be quite nice. However, it was quite cloudy the day that we went so our shots could only turn out like this. 

3. Jaman Mural Village
The walk up to Jaman Mural Village is incredibly steep so I would recommend wearing a good pair of walking shoes. It is located in-between Omokdae and Imokdae and features colourful murals and quiet cafes nestled along this ridge.

mural village 1.jpg

Some more of my favourite Japanese childhood characters..

4. Choco Pie
Prior to our trip to Jeonju, I never knew that this choco pie was so famous in the area. But after walking around the hanok village and witnessing the massive lines for this choco pie, we knew we had to try it ourselves. The choco pie itself is better than the regular ones that you can get at the convenience store but it is still on the 'too sweet' side, although that could be just my preference. Try it for yourself when you come to Jeonju!

5. Bibimbap
You also cannot leave Jeonju without having authentic bibimbap - a famous Korean dish that originated from Jeonju. We went to "Korean House" or Hanguk Jip where you have the option of selecting your bibimbap in a stone bowl or brass bowl. They also served the most amount of side dishes that I've ever had including the Korean-style pancakes! 


Our visit here was short so this isn't a comprehensive guide but these are the basic things that I would recommend checking out when you're in Jeonju! (I regret not trying makgeolli but we really were too full after the bibimbap.)

Let us know in the comments below what other things you recommend when exploring Jeonju!