The Works

This past week was The Work's 15th anniversary which meant a burger and a signature side (regular fries) for only $5.15!  

I ordered the Smokey Mountain (BBQ sauce with Jack cheese and bacon) and my friends got the Three Ring Binder (3 onion rings with gouda cheese and sauteed mushrooms) and Barking at My Cow (BBQ sauce with jack cheese, smoked brisket, caramelized onions and bacon). 

We all opted for the beef patties however, it was grilled a little too much and tasted kind of dry. I've been here a couple times before and usually the patties are okay so it might just be that day that I went. 

Overall, it might not be the best burger you've ever had but it's a decent place to go to for a beer and a burger!

If you missed their anniversary this year don't sweat, watch out for their event again next year in April!

The Works