The Red House

Waterloo is always surprising me with good quality food that I never expected from this small student town. A restaurant out of a renovated house in uptown Waterloo, The Red House reflects this charm in its food as well.

A few of my friends and I went for lunch on a Friday afternoon and although we were set on having brunch (brunch is only on Saturdays), we settled for the special two-course meal for $20. 

Each table was served that day with a complimentary appetizer of freshly baked pita and blended celery and cilantro humus with cucumbers and watermelon radish. 

For the appetizers that we ordered, I had pork, apple and apricot terrine. It was a little like homemade spam with arugula and radish on top. However what made this dish really stand out was the apple and apricot terrine- a light, refreshing and fruity "jam" that went really well with the spam. 

My friends ordered the arugula & smoked trout salad and one of their daily soups. 

For the main course, I choose the jerk chicken and mashed potatoes. It was plated with pineapples, cherry tomatoes, lime yogurt and cilantro that balanced the otherwise powerful jerk spice on the chicken. 

My friend ordered the sweet potato grilled cheese which came with fig ketchup. I had a taste of the fig ketchup and it was really good! A fruity ketchup which I would imagine would go well with the sweet potato. 

I love the charm of this restaurant and I'm impressed with the quality of food with regards to the price (a three-course meal for dinner is only $30!). They also have a wide selection of wine that would pair well with their dishes.

The Red House
30 William Street West, Waterloo