I have high expectations for tapas ever since I've had a really good experience when I was in Hong Kong a few years ago so I was a little hopeful when Tapagria opened near my house.

We ordered the angus tartare- angus tenderloin with truffle oil. It was ok, the meat was cold so with the bread being hard, it doesn't go down your throat well. I would've preferred it on a cracker instead, still crunchy but a whole different experience when you bite into it.  

The foie grais pâté - this was probably the best dish of the night. I really liked the mango bits on top, it gives it a lighter taste. 

The patatas bravas is basically potatoes with a bit of tomato paste. It was overwhelmingly not impressive. The potatoes don't really soak up any of the tomato paste so I have no idea how they got paired together, it just felt like eating regular potatoes. 

Clams and chorizo were also a bit of a disappointment. The sauce was a little lacking - I was hoping for a citrus flavour of lemon juice in the sauce which I didn't get. This would've added really nice flavours to the clams and chorizo. 

We also ordered the bone marrow. It was on the salty side but if you had it with the bread it was alright. 

Churros for dessert to finish the night, there were three choices of dipping sauce and we opted for the hazelnut chocolate. It was freshly fried although they could've heated up the chocolate a little so that it would be easier to dip.

Overall, it was more of a disappointment and for a tapas restaurant, I was expecting a smaller, more intimate atmosphere where the guests would be sitting closer to the kitchen (the food was a little cold when it got to our table).

230 Commerce Valley Drive East - Unit 2

Richmond Hill, Ontario