Tai O Lookout

On my previous adventure to Nong Ping 360 and Tai O, we stopped by the Taio O Heritage Hotel for a lunch at their restaurant, Tai O Lookout. 

The Tai O Heritage Hotel is actually an old police station that got converted into a boutique hotel. Located on the second floor is a cafe perfect for a quiet afternoon.

We ordered the penne in tomato coulis and white truffle sauce. The sauce was the right thickness as it stuck to the penne and it blended nicely together. I was most impressed with the cheese cracker on top- the sauce had a sweetness flavour to it so the cheese cracker balanced the taste out.

We also ordered a seafood carbonara as well and like the previous penne, the thickness and the flavour of the sauce was just right.

For dessert we decided to be adventurous and ordered the Mountain Begonia Cheese Cake. It's made with a special flower from Tai O and the taste was actually quite refreshing. Usually American Cheesecake fills you up easily because it's so thick but Chinese cheesecakes are a little lighter. Overall, I was quite impressed with this dessert and the unique taste and it made a perfect finishing touch to our lunch.

My expectations for Tai O Lookout wasn't high since it was mainly focused as a boutique hotel so I thought the food aspect would be overlooked. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the overall quality and ambiance of the restaurant. I would definitely recommend it to anyone planning to go visit Tai O. It's a bit of a walk from the main fishing village so it would be wise to pick a day that wasn't so hot!