Sweet-Esc Dessert Cafe

Markham has its fair share of dessert places and besides Wooffles & Cream, Sweet Esc is another popular place to go as well. (If you've ever wondered about the name similarities, yes Sweet-Esc has ties with the escape room Esc-It). Their signature dish is the hot plate dessert: you get to choose between brownies or waffles, choice of ice cream, topping and sauce. We went for waffles with earl grey ice cream, cookie crumbles and green tea sauce.

The best part of all this is pouring the sauce while the plate is still hot and watching the sauce sizzle. The plate also helps keep everything warm, although this also means the ice cream melts faster!

All in all, it's your typical dessert just served on a hot plate. The earl grey ice cream is highly recommended but otherwise, I don't find anything too special about this dessert in terms of taste.

Another dessert we ordered was the Fruit Jungle- which is thick toast with choice of ice cream, sauce and seasonal fruits. We chose the milk tea flavoured ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Like the hot plate, you get to pour the sauce in yourself but without the sizzling of the hot plate. I like the thick toast option on this because the toast soaks up the sauce and ice cream really well. The fruits also go well with the chocolate sauce.

They also have tarts, cakes and tea on their menu as well although when we asked about their cakes, they said it wasn't available yet. In my opinion, it's an average dessert shop with no surprises- you'll get what you see on the menu.

Sweet Escape
30 Gibson Drive, Unit 120