Settlement Co.

Coffee shops are always popping up in and around town so you might have noticed this new place  that opened up recently in Uptown Waterloo!

My friend ordered the Fresh Fruit Juice, the coolest part is that comes in a french press and you're given a timer. Let the timer go for two full rounds and you're ready to plunge and enjoy your tea! 

Personally, I'm not too sure what the french press does to the tea (brings out the flavour more?) but it does look very cool. It also tastes a bit like hot fruit punch in a calming way.

I ordered the French Press in personal size with medium roasted coffee (the only options were light or medium roast). Not a lot of places serve personal french press so it was a pleasant surprise when I walked in. 


the "Coffice" idea


What makes Settlement Co. stand apart from its competition (and their dedication to coffee!) is their goal of creating a meeting place, or a "coffice" that allows you to book out a portion of their store for private functions. And like most coffee places in the area, they have an evening menu that features cocktails and other alcoholic beverages for late night drinks with friends. 

Stop by for a good cuppa or a cozy place to get caught up on some work!

Settlement Co.
23 King St. North, Waterloo