Sansotei Ramen (Markham Location)

Sansotei Ramen finally opened it's Markham location last week! Their downtown location has been ever so popular and their Markham location is no different. We got there around 5:30 on a Friday night and we ended up waiting about 20mins for our table.

I ordered the Tonkotsu Black which is pork belly, black fungus, egg and green onion with garlic oil in the soup. I was told it's one of their most popular ramens and I can definitely see why. My favourite part was the half cooked egg- half cooked because the yolk was still a little runny. The soup base was flavourful and not too salty, you could taste that it wasn't MSG. The ramen was also the right texture- not too soft that it was overcooked or that it had been in the soup for too long.

My friend ordered the Spicy Tantan, which is pork belly, ground pork, bamboo shoot and egg. I didn't end up trying it but she said the soup base was done really well also.

We also ordered their Zangi side dish (deep fried chicken). Everyone had this dish on their table so we decided to try it also. The chicken was fried to a nice golden brown colour and the batter wasn't too thick, just enough to keep the natural chicken sauce and flavour locked inside. I do recommend squeezing the lemon over the chicken to give it a slightly sour taste that compliments nicely with the fried chicken.

Sansotei Ramen
3987 Highway 7 East, Unit 4 (Birchmount & Hwy 7)

Markham (Toronto)