Robuchon au Dome

To be honest, I didn't think I'd be able to book a table at Robuchon au Dome a mere 5 days before I was to be in Macau. Luckily, they still had space for lunch and we were able to experience a meal at a 3 star Michelin restaurant! 

We ordered the 3 course lunch set and each lunch set includes freshly baked assorted bread. They had a bread cart and pushed it around every table to introduce each type of bread they had. 

This is the Amuse-Bouche or appetizer that was also included in each set lunch. This is a foie-gras with duck breast bits inside and this corn cream on top, finished with a piece of unsalted popcorn- really refreshing. 

I ordered a La Betterave for my own appetizer- which consists of beetroot and apple salad, with avocade and herbs on top. This is a vegetarian option and I normally stay away from this kind of stuff but I have no regrets ordering this. I loved the beets and apples mixed together - so sweet and refreshing and not to mention the plating! Le Saumon d'Ecosse (salmon tartar) is also pictured here. 

For my main, I ordered Le Veau which is veal belly with seasonal vegetables. Veal belly isn't as fattening as pork belly and it went really well with the vegetables on top (except for the olives, i'm not a huge fan of olives). Le Black Cod is also pictured here. 

For dessert, they also wheeled around a dessert cart to every table and we were each allowed to select 2 types of dessert. I choose the lemon tart and egg white. As usual, French desserts are always on the sweet side but since the lunch set came with coffee (or tea) at the end, the sweetness is overlooked. 

I definitely recommend trying this place out, at least once in your lifetime! A 3 course lunch set is only $688 MOP (about $100 USD) and you are experiencing the finest foods in the world! 

Robuchon au Dome
2-4 Av. de Lisboa, Floor 43