Noodles One

You might have noticed the Quiznos across from Alumni Field at Laurier quietly close and almost as quietly, a new Chinese noodles restaurant opening in replace of it in the last few weeks. 

I've heard many different stories of people's experiences even before trying this place myself so I must admit, I had mixed emotions when I went. 

They make their noodles in front of you from scratch. You can hear the loud 'thump, thump' noise when they're loosening up the dough to make into noodles. We ordered the braised pork noodles and braised beef brisket noodles - the taste won't blow you away but it was okay. 

We also ordered a couple of side dishes (lamb skewers, beef in sesame bun and onion pancakes) to try since they have a fairly wide selection of different meats and northern China dishes. However, it didn't look the most appetizing and the taste was just okay. I probably would just stick with the noodles and wouldn't get these appetizers again. 

Overall, the food was decent though a little on the salty/MSG side because we kept having to drink water afterwards but that could be part of the northern Chinese cuisine. It's pretty cool watching them make the noodles in front of you and the price is decent so I'd come here again for their noodles.

Noodles One
220 King St N, Waterloo