Mellben Seafood- Crabmeat Feast

You haven't been to Singapore if you haven't had spicy chili crab. It's quite possibly the #1 thing to eat in Singapore (yes, Hainanese chicken rice would probably come second) and every tourist should have it at least once (being an aspiring food blogger and foodie, we had it twice for the 2 days that we were in Singapore- keep a lookout for a blog post on the other crab place coming soon!).

The first place that we tried was called Mellben Seafood which is a very local place- it's nestled in the middle of a few government apartments (not to worry here, it's very safe and there are a lot of families with little children around). There's so many people that come here that they've even expanded out of their shop and onto the public square area.

The first thing we ordered was obviously the chili crab. The crabs are HUGE! I've eaten plenty of crabs in Canada but Singapore crabs are sweeter in taste and the meat texture is also chunkier. I think they also fry the crab around before they put it into the sauce which allows it for a better overall taste.

We also ordered deep fried mantous to go with the sauce. Don't worry about finishing the sauce because you probably won't be able to!

Another crab dish that you absolutely must get is the Claypot Beehoon Crab. This was the bomb. The soup base was so rich and flavourful from the crab and the vermicelli that soaked up all the soup! It was so good!! You can also dip the crab meat back into the soup to capture all those flavours as well.

There's a lime juice on every table- basically lemonade but lime. Refreshing after all those crabs!

We also ordered the salted egg chicken drumstick (I didn't take a picture of it because we ordered it for takeout). It was still hot after taking it back to the hotel and we had dinner round 2. We were all so full but we still somehow managed to finish the chicken drumsticks. I'm not normally a fan of salted egg but the salted egg batter and the chicken drumstick went really well together! So much so that it surprised me. The salted egg really got down into the meat and just so much good flavour!

I would definitely recommend this place if you were in the city. It might be easier to get here by taxi because it's deep in one of the residential neighbourhoods and expect to wait almost an hour even on a good night if you don't make reservations beforehand!

Mellben Seafood
Blk 211 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh #01-11/15