Lan Fong Yuen

Lan Fong Yuen is  probably hands down one of the oldest and best cha chan tang in Hong Kong to date. Every time I come here, I always wonder what it must've felt like back in the day when people still sat on those stools for a quick bite. On the other hand, I'm also glad that they have an actual place to sit and eat behind their old shop (but don't expect the best service or eat here for long) (but then again most people are here for the food and lai cha).

I ordered the 'lo ding" which is instant noodles without the soup and mixed with sweet soy sauce with the ginger/green onion at the side. The ginger/green onion definitely took this dish to another level when mixed together. The chicken was relatively soft and the instant noodles were not overcooked/soggy.

(as a side note, I tried making this at home and without the ginger/green onion, it definitely did not taste as good)

It's impossible to come here without ordering their lai cha so I tried both hot and cold. To really taste the difference in lai cha from other cha chan tangs, it would be easier to compare with the hot version. Living up to its reputation, it was definitely smoother than many of the lai cha's I've drank and it doesn't leave that dry aftertaste.

This is one restaurant I'm glad that hasn't lost their quality over the years of fame and I make sure to go for a bite every time I'm back in HK. During peak hours (regular meal hours), many office people and tourist alike would be seen waiting for a seat so it would be wise to go during irregular hours.

Lan Fong Yuen 2 Gage St, Central (nearest MTR: Central - up the mid-level escalators)