Kyo Hayashiya

After a full day of shrines and taking in the cultural attractions of Kyoto be sure to end your day off at Kyo Hayashiya for a nice cup of tea and matcha desserts before you head back to Osaka.

It may be tricky to find this place since it's not a floor shop but here are the general directions:

  • Get off at Sanjo station and cross the bridge, taking you to the other side of the Great Kamo River
  • Look for the Takase Building (on your left side, right be the entrance of the bridge) and Kyo Hayashiya is on the 6th floor

The menu is in Japanese (don't even bother asking for the English menu- you won't find anything near what's on the Japanese menu) so look for pictures of these sets:

This is the assorted desserts set which includes matcha soft serve, mochi dumpling with red bean and a jelly like mochi (with melted black sugar at the side). It also comes with your choice of tea.


The second set is the matcha cheese cake set which substitutes the jelly like mochi for a slice of matcha cheesecake. It also comes with the option of a pot of houjicha (the serve will tell you how long to steep the tea for).


Sipping on tea and experiencing authentic matcha desserts while taking in the view of the Great Kamo River, this is the perfect place to catch up with a friend or to take a break from the day's sightseeing.

Another notable dessert to try is the matcha parfait (matcha ice cream + matcha soft serve and matcha jelly on the side).

Kyo Hayashiya also have branches in Tokyo and have opened a shop in Hong Kong too. Let me know below if you've tried any of their branches!

Kyo Hayashiya
Level 6, Takase Building Sanjo-dori, Nakagy-ku, Kyoto