Kookminhakgyo Korean BBQ

After eating so many "all you can eat" Korean BBQs, I finally got a chance to try an authentic place! The menu offered 4 different kinds of pork- pork skirt, pork belly (with and without skin), pork jowl and pork shoulder butt. We couldn't decide which meat to go with so we ended up getting the assorted option which had a mix of everything.

Aside from the meat, the meal also came (for free) with this bean sprouts spicy soup (legit so spicy), steamed egg (absolutely loved this- complimented the spicy stuff really well), and various side dishes like kimchi. 

They also had a wide variety of sauces to go with the meat- this sesame oil dip, soy paste dip and hot sauce with green onions and lettuce. 

The portion might be on the small side if you're a big eater (there were only 3 of us but we finished a 4 person portion easily) but their meat is definitely higher quality than most places. It's also not the biggest restaurant but the service here is excellent- they always refilled our lettuce and water without us asking! 

If you're craving some good samgyeopsal, this is a great place to go!

Kookminhakgyo Korean BBQ
6016 Yonge Street