KOBE beef in Kobe, Japan

What's the most important thing every tourist should do in Kobe, Japan? Eat their beef.

Kobe is most known for their Kobe beef (which is essentially wagyu beef from Kobe cows) and is typically prepared teppanyaki style. Among tourists, the most well known places in Kobe are either Moriya or Wakkoqu but I couldn't secure a reservation at either of those spots so I decided to try walking in at Misono since they were also quite well known and supposedly the originator of teppanyaki. We showed up a little earlier than their opening time (11:30am) and we managed to make a reservation for 2 at 11:45am. With almost half an hour to kill, we walked around Tokyu Hands which was right across the street.

By the time we came back for 11:45, the place was already packed! We settled on 2 Kobe beef set lunches and watched our chef prepare the food in front of us.

We started off with the usual Japanese style salads.

While we were still eating our salads when our chef brought out our 300g (150g for each Kobe beef set lunch) Kobe beef, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. It was a little too much fat at the sides but I swear I was already drooling a bit. You can see as well our chef was preparing more vegetables at the back- yams, onions etc. Vegetables that are grilled authentic teppanyaki style always taste a little better I think because it brings out the fresh taste without it being burnt (compared to American barbeque grill where everything just becomes burnt).

Remember the fatty parts that I talked about before? Our chef grilled it so well that it was the right amount of oil still left in those pieces. Oh I can still smell it just from looking at these photos again and writing about it!

The garlic pieces are grilled to a perfect crisp and the wagyu beef! The beef melts perfectly in your mouth and every bite is heavenly. We were also given miso soup and a bowl of rice (I think you can ask for fried rice instead of just a bowl of rice as we saw other customers having fried rice).

To finish off, desert included fresh Japanese honey lemon which was very juicy and fresh and raspberry sorbet, vanilla ice cream and Japanese cheesecake- it was a nice, refreshing dessert after the beef.

For 15,000yen this was definitely a pricey lunch but most Kobe beef set lunches are around this price. I literally took a day trip from Osaka just for Kobe beef and it was definitely worth it.

Steak Misono Kobe Main Branch
1-1-2 Shimoyamatedori, Chuo-ku
Misono building 8F, Kobe