Ice Cream Sandwiches on Orchard Road

Singaporean style ice cream sandwich vendors are littered all over Orchard Road so we decided to give a the two most popular vendors a try (popular = the most people lining up for it when we were there).

The first vendor we went to had a line that circled around his little cart so we figured it must be good (the next one over had no one).

We ordered the coffee flavoured ice cream on coloured pandan bread- pandan bread is a unique Singaporean bread made with pandan leaves. The ice cream was a generous block of coffee ice cream stuffed inside the bread. The ice cream overpowers the pandan bread so you can't really taste any of the pandan flavour in the bread but the bread does soak up the ice cream as it melts. Overall as the name suggests, it really does taste like an ice cream sandwich, literally.

The next vendor that we went to was a little further down the street from one of the popular malls called Wall's. Photographs of popular Asian celebrities were taped to the cart for this vendor so I had high hopes for this ice cream sandwich.

We decided to try mocha chip ice cream in a wafer this time. This gives it more of a crunchier taste but as you can see, you eat about 2-3 bites of just ice cream before you get to the part with wafers.

In my opinion both stalls tastes and offers more or less the same thing so it might come down to convenience which vendor you try from. In terms of either the bread or wafer, it depends if you want your ice cream sandwich to be crunchier or have the bread soak up the ice cream. It's not a must try but if you're in the area it's a cheap, refreshing snack from the heat.

Orchard Road, Singapore