We recently took a day trip to Hamilton and a local Hamiltonian recommended us to try out Hambrgr for lunch.

Amongst the four of us, we ordered the #Hamont (featured below), Morning Glory (featured below), Black & Blue and Pineapple Express. I had the #Hamont which featured a double patty, grilled onions, bacon, cheese and burger sauce. It was a solid, juicy burger. It can get kind of messy eating a burger this good but sometimes, you win some you lose some.

We also ordered the half and half fries (half sweet potato, half sea salt fries). The fries were okay, nothing too special. The sea salt fries tasted like regular fries- you can't really taste the sea salt difference.

I'd definitely recommend trying this place out if you find yourself in Hamilton and craving for a good, locally sourced burger!

49 King William Street, Hamilton