Exploring Kensington

Toronto's Kensington area- home to the Kensington Market and nestled right next to the city's Chinatown: this is a quick guide for those of you looking to explore more of this area!

1. Dirtybird Chicken & Waffles
Come by for lunch or brunch, Dirtybird Chicken & Waffles has arguably one of the best chicken and waffles in town (for me, the waffles stole the show away). Topped with their own special sauce, you have the choice of choosing boneless chicken on top of their homemade, buttermilk maple waffles. Seating is limited however, as it operates more like a quick grab and go store than a restaurant. 

2. Fika Cafe
Fika Cafe, a Swedish (hipster) cafe down the street from Dirtybird is a perfect place to catch up with friends or if you're looking to get some work down (although wifi is only available on the weekdays). They have a patio both at the front and the back and not to mention, an awesome looking feature wall for your instagram pics (see below). 

3. Kensington Market Garage + nearby alleyways
Hidden almost on the top floor of the Kensington Market Garage is a perfect lookout spot that gives you a nice view of the Toronto skyline. Come at night to see the city really light up before you eyes amidst the graffiti walls. 

Let us know some of your favourite places to hang around in the Kensington area!