Our Food Guide to Hung Hom

Our Food Guide to Hung Hom

The area of Hung Hom has been getting a lot more attention lately for hidden gems that have been popular with locals for quite some time. Here's our quick food guide if you ever find yourself in this area!

1. 時新快餐店
OK, this picture does it no justice but trust me, it tastes better than it looks. The patty is actually fresh ground beef and even has onions! I know, that's basic good burger qualities.. but not at this price point. This meal was only $28HKD (or $4CAD or $26HKD if you go with the default hot drink)! For the price of a McD's burger, you get a better burger! Oh and this is one of the prized gems of Hung Hom, so don't be surprised if there's a line up! 

2. 林記小食
One of the most popular street food in Hong Kong- rice rolls with sauce (腸粉) and curry fish balls (魚蛋). We only tried the rice rolls (although they sell both) but you can taste the difference with how soft the rice rolls were! This is a definite must try if you're in Hung Hom! 

4. 香港糯米糍 (Hong Kong Sticky Rice Mochi)
The sticky rice mochi was okay, maybe because I went a little too early in the morning so there weren't that many flavours available. I think I like the Cheung Chau one more but if you're in the area..

5. 芝麻綠豆甜品屋
Can't forget about dessert! This place is known for its traditional Chinese style dessert (Black sesame or Walnut pudding?, or Mango Sago Dessert) and supposedly a lot of celebrities frequent there at night!