Endo Sushi

Osaka has their own central fish market for wholesale fish and fruits and vegetables - although not as big as the one in Tokyo. Nonetheless, if you are serious about sushi and happen to be in Osaka, you must come to Endo Sushi. It is located inside the fish market and their ingredients come fresh from that morning's catch.

On the table is all you can eat natural ginger and soy sauce that is not diluted. This is the most traditional way of eating sushi- instead of dipping it into the soy sauce, you spread some soy sauce on top of the fish instead.

And finally, the sushi. The most delicious, sushi, fresh from the sea that morning. The menu only offers 4 or 5 "sets" of sushi but for 1,080 yen, you are guaranteed at least one piece of toro (between the sets, you can mix and match which pieces of sushi you want, although the price might end up being more than 1,080 yen- but it is definitely worth it!!) Toro (pork belly tuna) is my absolute favourite and i love how it just melts in your mouth! The uni was really fresh as well and between me and my mom, we cleaned 4 plates of sushi each for breakfast. It was worth every penny.

The fish market is located a little north of Osaka city- we took the subway to Tamagawa Station and it's about a 10 minute walk from there. From there, walk towards the river and if you ever get lost, ask anyone on the street! Nobody speaks English but if you mention Endo Sushi, they'll send you in the right direction (or even take you there!). It's a popular sushi place for both locals and tourists alike.

If you enter from the main entrance, Endo Sushi will be on your left.

Endo Sushi
553-0005 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, 福島区野田1丁目1−86