Create Your Taste

If you've been to McDonald's recently and noticed the new servers that are all dressed up, serving customers the not-so-typical Mcdonald's burgers... it's because McDonald's finally launched it's new Create Your Taste in Canada and I've been ecstatic for it since I saw in Hong Kong this past summer!

There's not a whole lot to play with on the customization part yet compared to The Works but you do have a choice of three buns- black and white sesame seed, artisan bakery roll and lettuce. They also have a wide selection of sauces, cheese and toppings so have fun mixing and matching your burger! Sadly, the premium ingredients (like natural cheddar cheese, siracha and guacamole) come at a premium price.

 I ordered the regular angus beef on black and white sesame bun with classic cheese, smokey bbq and garlic aioli sauce, tomato, lettuce, and crispy onions and it was so good! It's worth paying a slightly premium price (around $11 for the whole meal) for a better quality burger than the standard Big Mac.

The quality and price point makes it a nice competitor to other burger chains like Five Guys and what really made McDonald's stand apart for me was their service- the friendly servers who brought us our food (something you wouldn't expect from a fast food restaurant!)

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