Coffee Shop Guide (Sheung Wan Edition)

Coffee Shop Guide (Sheung Wan Edition)

In Hong Kong, Sheung Wan is like the "hipster" part of town. The coffee shop scene here is insane so we decided to create our own guide to finding a good spot for a cup of coffee or a place to just chill and relax in this bustling city.

1. Barista Jam
Google best coffee shops in Hong Kong and Barista Jam is definitely on the list- and rightly so. It's obvious they're serious about their coffee (I watched them explain to a customer how to use some of their equipment) and they have second floor so there's enough room to sit and talk. I ordered a flat white ($33HKD) and a BLT sandwich ($54HKD)- I know I should talk about the coffee but I really liked the sandwich because of the bread. Nothing super fancy but for me, a good soft bread makes the sandwich.

2. Lof 10
This place is a little lesser known which is maybe why I like it more. It's also a little more North American hipster (white walls and long wooden tables). They supposedly serve Blue Bottle coffee here but I just went with my regular flat white ($58). You can also try their hand drip coffee for $78 or they have a pretty interesting selection of food items for a coffee shop (fancy a Korean cheese ramen?). I like this place for its quiet ambiance, a lot of people come here to work so it's a good spot if you have some stuff you need to catch up on or if you want a place to read or journal. It's also a little off the beaten path (I stumbled upon it the first time but I got lost the second time trying to get here lol) so make sure to check Google maps first!

ps. they play their music through a B&O A9 aka eally, really good speakers


3. Antipodean
Antipodean was recommended to me by a coworker so I decided to go check it out. Antipodean originally started in a small cafe on the streets of Sheung Wan until it expanded and now operates in a shop inside Infinitus Plaza. I was able to only stop by for a quick cup of coffee but they have a large menu of brunch/lunch food as well as baked goods.

4. Common Ground
Off to a quiet area in the Soho District is Common Ground, a coffee shop that is tucked away in a back street. The tables are large and the atmosphere is welcoming, you can be sure to spend the day here working or reading. On the menu was a honey Americano that features local organic honey which is quite an interesting bittersweet taste.

5. Brew Bros
Another coffee shop that sources its coffee beans from Australia, Brew Bros is located in the heart of Sheung Wan among other restaurants and food stalls. They offer breakfast and lunch options as well as a wide variety of coffee brewing options: Hario V60, Aeropress and 21-hour cold brew. Pictured below is a piccolo latte and avocado egg toast with smoked salmon. 

*Cafe Deadend
Close to Lof 10 is Cafe Deadend that features has a large patio perfect for chill and relaxing catch ups with close friends. However, they were closed on the day that we decided to go D:(Monday). But if you've been, let us know your experience in the comments below!