Bao Sandwich Bar

Bao Sandwich Bar (think Banh Mi Boys) recently opened close to Laurier campus (behind the luxury apartments on King Street) with 50% off everything on their menu for a limited time so that was enough of a reason for us to go and give it a try. We ordered the the crispy pork belly and duck dynasty on a baguette.

The crispy pork belly wasn't the best to be honest. I appreciate how crispy the skin was but other than that, the meat was too dry and hard that it really didn't fit in a baguette.


With the duck dynasty, it's a little like eating peking duck but the execution was a little off. The meat was on the salty side and I don't think they filled the baguette full enough (for the crispy pork belly as well). A large part of every bite was just the bread and very little filling- they could improve this by stuffing it with vegetables even more (and maybe add a little more colour to the duck dynasty).


We also ordered the Thai Tea which everyone seemed to be getting (also because the saltiness made us really thirsty). It doesn't look like tea at all and I was surprised by the colour but it has a nice mix of a fruity and black tea taste.


My friend bumped into someone she knew and he recommended trying the 5 spice pork belly and crispy chicken in the bun option. Luckily we gave their buns a chance because this was far better than the baguettes we originally ordered. The ratio of meat/vegetables and the bun was perfect and the soft bun soaked up the juicy meat really well.


Overall, I would definitely recommend getting the bun options over the baguette until they start stuffing more into them. The price point is also a little high but definitely take advantage of the 50% everything while you can to try this place out!


It was also very tricky trying to find this place because they aren't exactly on Balsam Street. Basically you have to walk around to Larch Street and continue until you see a townhouse complex. Upon entering the townhouse complex, you should see the Bao Sandwich Bar sign on your right.

Bao Sandwich Bar
62 Balsam Street, Unit #106, Waterloo