Abe Erb

Abe Erb opened sometime last year and it has been one of my favourite restaurants in Waterloo ever since. I love the atmosphere and rustic feel to this place and how they have menus for breakfast/brunch (only available on weekends), lunch, dinner and late night. I've been here for both dinner and late night drinks but I've been looking forward to try their brunch menu so after our midterms on Saturday morning, we came here for lunch. 

There aren't too many options for brunch but I knew I wanted to try their eggs benedict so I ordered the Peameal Benedict which is oven roasted tomatoes, arugula, ham, hollandaise and drizzled with a bit of siracha on top of an english muffin and served with home fries and fruits. Appearance and even taste wise, it has more of a home cooked egg benedict type of feel. Not to say it wasn't good- I liked that additional burst of flavour that the siracha gave and the melted cheese on top- it just wasn't the kind of eggs benedict that I was expecting. The eggs were fully cooked (although not overcooked)- which surprised me a bit because most eggs benedict I've eaten were eggs that were runny. Overall though, I liked the flavours altogether and the home fries were just a little bit on the salty side.

My friend ordered the Spinach Benedict- which is a bit more plain with just spinach, eggs and tomato on top of an english muffin (their vegetarian option).

My other friend ordered off their lunch menu instead- the Jerk Chicken burger with the celery root and roasted garlic soup. I tried a bit of his burger and I normally don't eat chicken burgers but I was surprised at how juicy the meat was. The soup was also surprisingly really good- the celery was blended together to make it a thicker soup and with a drizzle of garlic on sauce on top, it was a simple yet, delicious soup.

The jerk chicken burger also comes with the fries option - which is never a bad idea.

Overall, Abe Erb never disappoints. I would definitely come back again for dinner and late night drinks because they feature a lot of craft beer options. There's live music as well, on some Saturday nights and it's a good place to just come and chill with friends. This place is normally packed at night though so try to make reservations before hand!

Abe Erb
15 King Street South, Uptown Waterloo