Exploring Fukuoka on a Budget (Part TWO)

Exploring Fukuoka on a Budget (Part TWO)

Whether you're here on a visa run, or here just for a quick getaway, Fukuoka is an amazing place to explore either by yourself or with a small group of friends/family. Here is our guide to eating your way through Fukuoka on a budget!

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Udon Taira
If you want to eat the best udon in the Hakata area, you have to come to Udon Taira. This little shop opens at 11:30am but people start lining up even before it opens. Locals who work from nearby offices come here for lunch and many tourists come here straight from the airport. Here, they make their udon fresh from scratch right in front of you. The entire menu is in Japanese but they speak English well enough to translate the main items that most people get. Below, I ordered the shrimp tempura and beef udon.

Sushi Shogun
Sushi Shogun is one of the best hidden gems in the Fukuoka area. I remember trying to find reviews on this in English but came up with only google translations of Japanese reviews. This is definitely a sushi standing bar that is only popular among locals. They serve some of the best, cheap sushi that I have ever eaten. (Where can you get pieces of toro for 580 yen??) I highly recommend coming here. 

This is a standing bar sushi though so don't expect to stay long here. Best to come here alone or with only a small group of people. 

Shin Shin Ramen
Personally, I liked the ramen here more than the bowl of ramen that I had at Ramen Stadium. Shin Shin Ramen is famous in the Fukuoka area- you can tell by the number of autographs they have on the wall. To be honest, I was surprised that I was the only tourist in the restaurant but that gives the bubbly feeling of finding hidden gems! Their entire menu is in Japanese with zero* pictures so I just ended up pointing to one that looked like it was a special. No lie, it was probably the best bowl of ramen I ever had- that broth was amazing. 

Conveyor belt sushi, where you can eat to your heart's desire. Each plate is only 100yen (unless otherwise stated) and you order from the touchscreen right in front of you. This is the perfect place to pig out on sushi alone and you might end up striking a conversation with other fellow solo travelers. 

Bake Cheese Tart
The best cheese tart, ever. 
From Tenjin Subway station, follow the signs in the underground mall towards the Nishitetsu line (there will usually be a lineup of people waiting to buy a cheese tart). 

Are you an English teacher from South Korea doing an E2 visa run in Fukuoka? Leave us a comment below and we'll send you a sample itinerary for your trip!