Instagram-worthy spots (Hong Kong)

One of the best things about Hong Kong is its never ending photography locations that are waiting to be discovered. We have compiled a list of locations that are a must-go for "photography enthusiasts" or those wanting to explore the city in a different light. 

Instagram Pier

This is one of the most popular photography locations in the city for its clear view of Victoria Harbour. The natural cargo pallets and machinery in the background makes for unique prop ideas that will make your photos stand out. Come here during sunset hours or after a rainstorm to capture a stunning view of the city. 


Sai Wan Swimming Shed
Swimming sheds were popular in the city during the 60's & 70's when people would go for a leisurely swim in the ocean. However, the only swimming shed that remains to date is the one in Sai Wan- although not for its original use but as a photo location for photography enthusiasts. Walk across the wooden bridge and wait for the light to seep through for an iconic photo.

Tip: To get there, simply take the MTR to Kennedy Town and exit at Exit C. Walk along Victoria Road until you see this sign on your right (20 mins walk). 

Upper Lascar Row/Ladder Street/Tank Lane
If you wander away from the busy commercial buildings of Sheung Wan, you can discover a different charm to what this area offers. Walk along Ladder Street, Upper Lascar Row (the street where antiques are sold) and Tank Lane and admire the street art that exists. Keep walking up and you can feel the atmosphere change completely to a more relaxing residential feel with coffee shops on almost every corner.


Let us know below in the comments where in the city is your favourite places to go shooting!