Bo Innovations

Bo Innovations was awarded 3 stars in the 2016 Michelin guide, being described as an "exceptional cuisine that's worth a special journey"- obviously we had to go try it.

We decided to go for a lunch and since it was during the holiday season, a special chef's menu was offered. Upon seating, our server introduced the special antique plates on display at our table that were representative of Hong Kong in the 60's/70's. 

Our appetizer also included a complimentary egg waffle- although different from the traditional egg waffle snack, this one had salted green onions on the inside instead of the regular egg dough. To be honest, I prefer the traditional version that's found on the streets. 

The first appetizer course was fresh scallops with snap peas, avocado, lemon and something sort of like rice krispies cracker. I think it would've tasted better without the crackers but the scallops were really fresh. The second dish is called Umami, a kitimat spot prawn with a special dried shrimp noodle (that's prominent in Hong Kong cuisine). 

The third course is the molecular xiao long bao (Shanghainese dumpling). It looks like a tong yuen (Chinese dessert dumpling) but our server recommended us to close our eyes while we bite into it and let the juice burst out- which it definitely did! The fourth course is a foie gras with mui choy (dried, salted cabbage) caramel ice cream, green apple and ginger bread. I wasn't a huge fan of the ice cream, the taste was a little weird for me but I really enjoyed the foie gras and green apple. 

Our set also included a Mao Tai dish- Mai Tai is a traditional Chinese hard liquor. We were advised to drink it in one shot out of the goblet. Passionfruit and lemongrass was also mixed in so it wasn't as bad as it sounds. The sixth course was a piece of red mullet with black garlic and yuzu. 

For our seventh course we were given the option of choosing between a a Langoustine or Turkey. The lagnoustine was covered in salted egg yolk (which I'm not a huge fan of) so I choose the turkey (notice the huge knife they gave me!). The turkey was served with risotto in a clay pot (our server spooned it out for me at our table). 

Finally, for dessert it was a chocolate cake with walnuts and paired with a banana ice cream and lemon meringue. 

All in all, this was an interesting fusion meal that combined Hong Kong delicacies and western style cuisine. However, for a 3 star Michelin restaurant I was definitely expecting better service even if it was just a Lunch set menu (our server's English wasn't the greatest and she explained the dishes waayyy too quickly). But the overall reviews for this restaurant is generally good so it might have been just our experience, still worth a visit if you're up to try a fusion food. 

Bo Innovations
J Residence, 60 Johnston Road (look for the elevator on Ship Street)