Hollandaise Diner

This brunch review is for a place in an unfamiliar area for me, and I would have never found this cute little diner if my friend didn't tell me about it. Before you read on, you should also know about the following things:

1. I love eggs benedict (to the extent where I'm almost guaranteed to order an eggs benedict at every breakfast/brunch place I visit)
2. I love brunch, so I will travel far just for a delicious brunch. And
3. I'm on a quest to find my favorite eggs benedict in Toronto (so shoot me any recommendations please!!)

Like I said in the intro, Hollandaise Diner is a small corner restaurant that is not very noticeable if you're just strolling by. It looks like any typical small family-friendly diner. The interior is also very simple with a few booths and tables, but I noticed one thing when I walked in. The atmosphere is absolutely perfect for a casual breakfast or brunch, whether you have kids, you're alone, or you're on a date. The menu is very extensive, from your typical homemade pancakes to your luxurious full breakfast. There is something for everyone.

At this point, I bet you already know what I ordered... it's none other than an eggs benny, but there's a twist. I have never seen this specific type of eggs benny anywhere else, so I knew I had to give it a shot. Here's what it looks like... Can you tell what's so special about it?

Here's another look of it after I cut it...

It might still be hard to tell, as you can see the egg yolk gushed out like a river. The twist is that instead of having the poached eggs and peameal bacon on an english muffin, they're on a grilled cheese! Here's another thing about me, I love anything cheesy. This eggs benny is basically the perfect combination of my comfort food and favorite brunch. Seriously, the poached eggs were cooked perfectly (as you can tell from the picture), the pan seared peameal bacon had a crispy texture, the hollandaise sauce was not heavy, and the grilled cheese was surprisingly not greasy. To me, the hollandaise sauce is the key element of an eggs benny, and Hollandaise Diner nailed the balance of all these ingredients. I left without feeling too stuffed, and I was definitely very satisfied.

Is it worth the distance? Tell us what you think!

2231 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON