Market 707

Q: What is Market 707?
A: Market 707 is a designated area where local vendors host their shops in shipping containers. The whole idea is to provide a unique environment for local entrepreneurs to pursue their passions, whether it's retail or food.

I never knew about the intent of having this small community until I paid my visit. I was only able to visit two vendors this time, but I definitely hope to visit again soon! I really liked how unique this area is, all the shops are in shipping containers which gave it an industrial feeling, but at the same time, all the shops are decorated to fit their own styles.

1. Petit Nuage
A place that I've been dreading to go to fulfill my love for macarons. I've heard amazing comments about her macarons, and none of them disappointed. Not to mention the macaron box is adorable! I got a box of 6 to share with a friend: 

 (from top to bottom) Hinako & Black Sugar, Hojicha, Earl Grey, HK Milk Tea, Matcha, and Vanilla Rose

(from top to bottom) Hinako & Black Sugar, Hojicha, Earl Grey, HK Milk Tea, Matcha, and Vanilla Rose

All the flavours are articulated accurately. None of them were over-sweet, which fits my personal preference for desserts. As you can tell from our order, some of the flavours are uniquely designed by the owner and cannot be found at other stores. Personally, I was a huge fan of the Earl Grey and Vanilla Rose. The earl grey flavour was accented without tasting bitter, just like a perfectly steeped earl grey tea flavour. The vanilla rose had a hint of rose flavour among the vanilla, and they accompanied each other very well, giving a refreshed taste.

We also got an iced matcha latte to accompany the macarons, and we got it with almond milk. Don't hate me, but I'm not the biggest fan of almond milk, yet this matcha and almond combination surprised me!

2. Gushi Japanese Street Food
Another place that I've been wanting to visit, but I didn't know it was also in Market 707. So this was a small surprise when I saw it!

As the name of the shop implies, they make cool Japanese street food, and so I went with what is the popular - the Original Gushi Chicken Meal. Yes, it's a meal in a box! The meal is simple and delicious, it had fried chicken on top of purple rice (personal favourite!) drizzled with spicy mayo. I got it as takeout, so the chicken got a bit soggy by the time I actually ate it, but judging from the level of sogginess, it must have been cooked perfectly. 

This place is perfect for you adventurous Torontonians! Go check it out and let us know which vendor we should visit next! 

Market 707
707 Dundas St W