18 Grams

It is a hobby of mine to relax while sipping on a hot cup of latte at a comfortable spot. Of course I had to do this during my stay in Hong Kong over the summer, but the truth is, it was never intended for me to visit 18 Grams. I planned to visit another café, but sometimes things just don’t work out as you plan, but it turned out to be a surprise!

I’ve noticed that typical North American coffee shops (or just cafes) usually limit their menus to a list of coffee, espresso drinks, and tea, with some baked goods. In Hong Kong, the term “café” is used to even describe restaurants or coffee shops with an extensive food menu. 18 Grams is no exception.

Since I arrived before noon, the place was quite empty, but it didn’t take long for it to fill up! This location is prime since it can be easily spotted directly across from Sheung Wan Station (exit A2).

I ordered from their 3-course lunch menu, which came with the soup of the day, a main course, and a drink. The main course I chose is a pesto pasta tossed in olive oil with zucchini, mushroom, and bell peppers. Don’t be fouled by my meatless pasta, it had a light taste and the ingredients were well complimented. In case you are a meat lover, I recall there was a burger option! As for my drink, I chose one of my favourite drinks of all time – matcha latte. As you can tell from the colour, the barista didn’t go light on the matcha powder, which gave the latte a very rich matcha taste. Since this was a specialty drink, I had to pay a bit extra, but my bill still came out relatively cheap (seeing its prime location and portion).

18 Grams – Sheung Wan
77 Wing Lok St